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Leptitox – Fight Leptin Resistance and Welcome a New, Light and Healthy You

It’s miserable to look at your most favorite sweets while licking your lips, but have to control the temptation to eat them. Reason? Your weight is increasing and you need to shed the extra pounds from your body. Even more

Chocolate and Coffee for Weight Loss – Good News for Chocolate and Coffee Lovers

While you may not believe it because delicious foods have always been found to be unhealthy, but scientists continue to propose that chocolate and coffee can aid in weight management. Yes, that’s true!

Korean Red Ginseng: An Emerging Hope for Obese Patients

Obesity is one of the challenges that have been grasping the whole world rapidly. It is solely responsible for a number of deadly diseases including cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and diabetes. This article is going to discuss the present state of

Get Freshened Up and Bring about Weight Loss with Tea

Tea has been a universal drink and by far the most popular one too. Though we typically drink the concoction of the tea leaves as tea, there are also many other versions of tea. People have been drinking all these

Shed Pounds in a Healthy, Tasty and Safe Way with Saffron

Are you a weighty person and want to try whatever you come to know about shedding pounds? Stop for a while and think! How much have you been benefited by these products? Today I will share with you one more

Dietary Modifications and NeuroDiet – Combination that Effectively Helps Shedding Pounds

Everybody can lose weight, it’s a fact. But, is it really possible to shed pounds rapidly? Most of fad diets actually leave us feeling depressed, hungry and nervous, not to mention that, as soon as you “finish” the diet, you

Gastric Band Hypnosis – A Definite Way to Weight Loss

You might have read about effectiveness of hypnosis in weight loss, but mightn’t have believed it. Now, you will have to believe it as it has been proven that it works. Hypnosis is just the way you can restructure your

Importance of Sleep in Weight Loss

Since I have started thinking about my weight and planning to shed some pounds, I have grown a habit – don’t know if it’s good or bad – to look at every person and think whether s/he is eating right

Top 5 Points to Consider to Find a Perfect Meal Replacement Shake

Scientists working on weight loss solutions have by now understood that eating more number of smaller meals in a day brings about faster weight loss than 2 to 3 bigger meals. However practically speaking, eating smaller meals throughout the day

Eat 6 Small Yet Healthy Meals 6 Times a Day and Lose 18 Pounds in 10 Days!

Are you tired of controlling the craving for your favorite foods and the depression it gives, exercise to sweat and then uncontrollable hunger, and still no success in weight loss? There is good news for you! There is a simple