Chocolate and Coffee for Weight Loss – Good News for Chocolate and Coffee Lovers

While you may not believe it because delicious foods have always been found to be unhealthy, but scientists continue to propose that chocolate and coffee can aid in weight management. Yes, that’s true!

While they are two of everyone’s most beloved beverages, they can actually be helpful in losing a few of your extra pounds.

Actually, in the past both these drinks have a bad rap. However, there are evidences that show that regularly consuming these two drinks, though not directly bringing about weight loss, are associated to a reduced body weight. & there are now their mouthwatering forms are also available on

Chocolate to Reduce Weight

If you think that you’ll enjoy chocolates that are widely available in candy shops and reduce weight, hold on! Those are not real chocolates. They are actually chocolate-flavored, calorie-dense, sugar-packed, low-quality treats that are usually laden with artificial ingredients and out-of-control portions.

The real chocolates (that we are interested in for weight loss) are cocoa-rich, contain fewer calories and sugar and can be eaten in a portion-controlled way. Such chocolates are efficient weight loss tools.

In a study, it was found that chocolate consumption spread across a day as a form of a calorie-restricted diet (totaling around 150 calories) helped to control cravings, resulting in less calorie consumption and thereby weight loss.

Coffee to Reduce Weight

Although coffee has suffered a great deal of criticism in the past, it’s now been commended for being helpful in weight loss in the light of new studies, research and information.

Several of the past studies that portrayed coffee negatively actually failed to consider other factors such as syrups, sugars and trans-fat laden creamers that are usually added to coffee. Thus while coffee might have been considered an unhealthy food earlier, new proofs from carefully controlled studies show that the potential advantages of coffee surpass formerly suggested downsides.

Newer research also suggests that moderate consumption of coffee can have desirable effects of body’s weight management though reasons have not yet been well understood.

It’s assumed that caffeine in coffee can boost metabolism and energy leading to burning of greater number of calories during the day. Studies find that after consuming a 16-ounce mug of coffee, participants experienced a moderate increase in metabolic rate that continued for more than three hours.

All in all, if you had kept away from these two drinks because of the thought that they might be adding to your fatty layers, you have good news that you can embrace them once again! Just remember to avoid sugar, trans-fat-laden creamers and artificial ingredients and you are good to go!