Easy but Not-So-Easy Tips to Lose Weight and Become Healthy

Whether you are aiming for an hourglass figure or just to lose weight, fitness should be your ultimate objective. Here are some easy but not-so-easy tips.

I said that these tips are easy yet not-so-easy because eating healthy may not be a problem. But controlling craving may be a problem. But we’ll cover that too and help you on how to control your craving.

Fill Your Stomach with Fruits and Veggies

Maybe so far you’ve listened to your doctors’ advice on not eating fried, fatty and sugary stuff. The big question, however, is if you are going to cut a major portion from your meals that you are habituated to, won’t you feel hungry? But doctors usually forget to tell the alternatives. The fact is that you need not starve yourself by cutting down the unhealthy foods. There are a number of healthy alternatives with which you can keep yourself satiated and provide you the required nutrition. The number one among these is fruits and veggies. But remember, you have to eat them raw or slightly cooked. While some veggies like carrot, cucumber, tomato etc. can be eaten raw, certain others such as cabbage, radish, beans and leafy greens can be cooked slightly along with a little oil (again, choose healthy oils such as rice bran, olive or coconut), onion, cilantro, turmeric powder, red chili pepper and salt to taste. Cook just for a few minutes and eat. Fruits are best when eaten raw.

Fill Your Stomach with Fruits and Veggies

Control Craving

This may be perhaps the hardest part! Here are a few tips.

  • When you keep your stomach filled with healthy foods like fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts, fish, lean meat, fat-free dairy and poultry, you’ll hardly feel craved for your favorite unhealthy foods.
  • Never keep your stomach empty; keep it filled with healthy foods as given above.
  • Don’t go on shopping on empty stomach. When you do that you are tempted to buy a lot of comfort foods and once you buy them, you feel craved for them.
  • Increase your protein intake. Proteins keep you full for longer and thus you feel less craved.
  • Divert your mind from craving. Besides filling your stomach with healthy foods, do your favorite work to divert your mind. Go on a walk, take a beauty treatment or do anything which will take your mind away.
  • Learn to manage stress. Stress may make you feel craved. Women with stress are found to be eating more calories and experiencing cravings than non-stressed women. Meditate and take things lightly.

say no to craving

Once you conquer your craving, losing weight is not a very difficult task. You can even hire a personal coach (trainer) that can further help you to lose weight. Make up your mind and start losing those unwanted kilos from the body.