Eat 6 Small Yet Healthy Meals 6 Times a Day and Lose 18 Pounds in 10 Days!

Are you tired of controlling the craving for your favorite foods and the depression it gives, exercise to sweat and then uncontrollable hunger, and still no success in weight loss? There is good news for you! There is a simple trick to shed unwanted pounds in a short time – 18 pounds in 10 days!

“Wow, how to do that?” I know many of you will react like this! It’s a real simple way to weight loss and you will actually laugh on why you didn’t get it before. It’s 6 small meals 6 times a day! But these meals should contain proteins and raw vegetables or raw fruits only. So, it’s simple – if you sleep for 8 hours, divide the remaining 16 hours of a day in 6 convenient parts i.e. take a meal after around 2.5 hours and that’s it!

Let’s see why this works.

Large Meals Overload Digestive System

Our body has been designed for grazing. Large meal portions actually make our digestive system overwork due to which we have to face bloating and reduced energy while the system tries hard to digest the meals. Smaller meals prevent this and we feel more energetic throughout the day. A bigger meal elevates our blood sugar level swiftly; but after digestion, the sugar drops down quickly too, dropping our mood and energy too. This also causes a craving for sugary food to compensate the dropped sugar level. On the contrary, smaller portions keep our body consistently fueled up and our energy level stable. So, we can easily cope up everything we come across the day.

Not Just Sugar but Fatty Acids Too

Taking many small meals in a day not only stabilizes our sugar level but fatty acid levels too. This is good for heart as sudden drops and hikes in fatty acids in blood increases the risk of heart disease.

Offers All Nutrients if Done Properly

If you do this properly as in the meal plan told above, you get all nutrients too. So, you don’t have the risk of being malnourished. So, while you lose weight fast, you remain healthy and energetic. However, you should eat only healthy foods and not high-fat, high-sugar foods. So, the above-mentioned plan suggests combinations of fruits or vegetables and proteins (preferably fish or chicken).

When you will follow this simple diet plan, you will be amazed to see the results. And as it’s only a 10-day plan, you won’t have to wait much for the results. Try it, and hopefully you will win the battle against weight, easily!