Five Surefire Tips to Lose Butt Fat Fast

While it’s possible to change the composition of your body through exercise and proper diet, you cannot change the spots your body chooses to store the extra fat. For most people, derriere is a common spot for storing unwanted fat and so, shedding butt fat fast is a goal for several people. In this regard, you should read How to lose butt fat in 5 days – My Crisis Driven Solution by Chris. Chris is a fitness coach and founder of Healthy Approach Lifestyles Coaching, Motivation & Fitness.

Chris’s story is especially motivational because he started looking passionately for any weight loss methods that can work just because he got a shock to see how his mom was suffered a fatal heart attack due to obesity. Since then he too started trying desperately to lose weight and succeeded in his efforts. So, he wants to share whatever he finds, whether it may be a mistake in exercise or a quick tip of weight loss in 5 days, he shares it on his very useful website. If you are in search of true weight loss secrets, tips and tricks, visit Chris’s website regularly.

exercise for butt fat loss

And here are five surefire tips shared by Chris to lose butt fat fast:

1. Watch on Your Diet

80% of your weight (& diseases) are dependent on your diet. Your diet should be clean, meaning devoid of processed and refined foods full of sodium, sugar and preservatives. Keep it full of lean proteins, whole grains and fresh produce. Don’t shy away from healthy fats like coconut oil or olive oil, nuts and cold water fish.

healthy food

2. Plan Calorie Expenditure

Another important factor in your weight loss is exercise. If you want to lose weight, the calories you have taken in should be spent too; if they are not spent they will be stored in your body in the form of fats. So, if you take in a pound of fat that contains 3,500 calories, you should daily lose 500 to 1,000 calories to lose 1 to 2 pounds of fat per week.

plan calorie expenditure for butt fat loss

3. Which Exercises to Do – Cardiovascular as well as Resistance Training

Now if you are convinced that you should exercise, you might wonder which one to do. The answer is, you should do both – cardiovascular as well as resistance training. This is because cardiovascular exercise helps burn calories, whereas resistance training helps you boost resting metabolism and shapes your muscles. If you want a toned butt, you should work your glutes because as you shed your body fat, your round, sculpted behind will be revealed. Cardio like running uphill and stair climbing help tone and carve your glutes and burn calories.

running uphill for butt fat loss

4. Running – A Guaranteed Way to Butt Fat Loss

You may like it or not, running can help you lose your butt fat. You need not run every day; just thrice a week is enough (the fact is that after starting to run for 3 times a week, you will feel like running everyday). According to Harvard Health Punctuations, running at the speed of one mile per 10 minutes for half an hour can burn around 300 to 445 calories, depending on your height and weight. It should also be noted that muscles in your thigh and butt will be strengthened due to running.

running for butt fat loss

5. Rope-jumping

If you were fond of rope-jumping in your childhood, enjoy it once again for shedding your butt fat. Studies show that rope-jumping for only 10 minutes can burn as many as 135 calories and can tone your butt and thigh muscles!

rope-jumping for butt fat loss

NOTE: First talk to your doctor and then make changes in your diet and exercise regime.