Korean Red Ginseng: An Emerging Hope for Obese Patients

Obesity is one of the challenges that have been grasping the whole world rapidly. It is solely responsible for a number of deadly diseases including cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and diabetes. This article is going to discuss the present state of obesity and how people can address this challenge to achieve a healthy life.

Overweight and Obesity

World Health Organization or WHO has defined overweight and obesity as a state of excessive fat accumulation that may lead one to a number of complicated health issues. WHO uses Body Mass Index (BMI) to determine overweight and obesity in adults. For adults, overweight should be a BMI greater than or equal to 25 while obesity should be a BMI greater than or equal to 30. You would be astonished if you look into these facts about overweight and obesity provided by WHO :

• As per the survey conducted in 2014, more than 1.9 billion young adults (18 years) and older adults were considered as overweight. Among them, more than 600 million people were obese.
• In 2014, 11% men and 15% women of the world’s adult population were identified as obese.
• 39% of adults were (men- 38%, women- 40%) identified as overweight.

WHO claimed also that dominance of obesity had been more than doubled during the phase 1980-2014.

Obesity in the United States

Obesity has always been a nightmare to the United States. According to the latest survey, adult obesity rate by age group in some of the states is like:

These statistics show that obesity is a serious concern in the US. People are often searching for natural supplements to beat obesity. Ginseng, the king of herbs, is a powerful, natural weight-loss supplement.

Ginseng – A Brief Introduction

Scientifically speaking, Korean ginseng is one of the perennial, and slow growing species belonging to Panax genus group. This herb has always been an integral part of the Eastern orient including China, Korea, Vietnam and India. Half of the total supplied ginseng in the worldwide market comes from South Korea. There are various types of ginseng among which only three are noteworthy: Asian ginseng or Korean red ginseng, American ginseng, and Siberian ginseng. It has been reported that Korean ginseng acts very well as an anti-obesity remedy.

How Does Korean Ginseng Help in Preventing Obesity?

We all know that excessive weight is the main reason behind obesity. China discovered the anti-obesity properties of this herb in an ancient age. Let’s dive into the detail to get a clear understanding of Korean ginseng’s anti-obesity properties.

Korean Ginseng’s Anti-Obesity Properties:

• Lowers Your Appetite

Ginseng makes you feel less hungry by lowering your appetite. As an outcome, you will have no need of eating a lot to satisfy your stomach. Apart from this, ginseng helps to regulate insulin and other hormones that participate in lipid and fat metabolism. There will be no deposition when your body will have no undigested fat. Panax ginseng (Korean ginseng) contains ginsenosides that lower your body’s deposition to improve fat and lipid regulation.

• Controls Blood Sugar

Obese people are always under the threat of diabetes. To avoid diabetic attack, you need to acquire control over your blood sugar level. Consuming ginseng roots for eight weeks can reduce your blood sugar level and you will be able to shed some extra fat as well. Ginsenosides encourage oxidation of fat that can help you in getting a slim and fit body.

• Improves Digestive System

Generally, human intestines are made of microorganisms that ease the digestion process. But in the case of obese people, the microbes lead their body to more fat absorption and deposition. In this way, fat deposition continues making it difficult to get rid of overweight. Korean ginseng tea improves the microflora in gut to help you shed extra fat.

• Enhances Stamina

Human body derives its required power from mitochondrial activities. Ginseng can increase your energy and stamina by regulating the mitochondrial activities. This herb boosts your stamina and revitalizes your body.

Science’s Take on Korean Ginseng as an Anti-Obesity Remedy

A pile of studies has supported ginseng’s anti-obesity functions. A recent study has claimed that ginseng is an effective remedy against obesity. This study examined the effects of ginseng extract in obese rats who tended to survive with a high-fat diet. Scientists observed a remarkable reduction in body weight of these rats. Moreover, they noted significantly reduced levels of abdominal and epididymal adipose tissue mass.

Another study has made a probe into the antihyperglycemic and anti-obese effects of Panax ginseng berry extract. Mice were used as subjects to conduct the experiment. As an outcome, remarkable reduction of blood glucose level was seen in the mice treated with Panax ginseng berry extract. Lower blood glucose level can help you combat obesity and diabetes. This study has drawn a conclusion that ginseng root has anti-diabetic effects.

Ending Note

From all the information above, it can be understood that ginseng plays a crucial role in dealing with obesity and overweight. These days, considering the threatening growth of obesity, many Americans are inclining toward Korean ginseng supplements. Now, it’s your turn. Drink healthy, live healthy!

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