Mini Trampoline Exercises to Lose Weight

Trampolining is a safe and convenient way to lose some weight. If you want to lower your body fat by doing exercises, it’s important to perform physical activity that burns many calories. So, how much calories can we burn by trampolining? It depends on our weight and the duration of an exercise. Here, I’ll recommend several mini trampoline exercise that can help you lose some (annoying) weight.

Every workout should be started with low-intensity jumps just to make sure your muscles and joints are warmed up.

High Knees! When performing this exercise, you should be trampolining by jumping on one leg at a time. Make sure your “free” knee is brought up to your chest every time. This exercise should be performed in 1-minute sets.

Butt Kicking! Jump on your left leg and bend the right leg to bring its heel to your gluteus. Now change your legs. Do it as fast and as effective as you can in 1-minute sets.

Bonus Tip: Butt kicking and high knees exercises can be performed with both legs simultaneously. For example, you could be jumping off both feet and bringing both heels to your glutues or both knees up to your chest. Also, you can combine these two exercises.

Jump as high as possible! This is a higher-intensity workout that should be performed once you feel very comfortable with your own trampoline. While landing from each jump, let your feet sink into the trampoline and squat in order to be ready to take off again once the trampoline bounce you. Do a set of 10 maximum jumps, rest for 30′ by making baby hops in between sets.

Bonus bonus tip: For those working out on a regular-sized trampoline: Hops! Jump to the left and to the right with your feet kept together and then try jumping back and forth in the same manner. Make sure both your feet take off and land at the same time. Each activity should be performed for 1 minutes at a time.

If you’re not sure which mini trampoline you should by for your own working out, check out Hopefully, you’ll find mini trampoline exercise perfect for losing fat and looking and feeling better!