Tips to Motivate Yourself to Work Out

If being physically active and working out were easy, everybody would do it. Obviously, it’s not. If you spend your working hours sitting in a chair, why would you relax and unwind your mind by sitting in another chair? The truth is, we need to make time for what is important to us, the only question is: how? Let’s give you some tips on motivating yourself to hit the gym or take a walk (almost) every day!

1. Write down your post-workout impressions. After a fitness class or going for a run, people usually feel awesome. Each time you workout, write down how you feel after it. When you find yourself low on motivation to go to the gym, read your previous impressions. This works for most people who tried it.

2. Be surrounded by the motivation quotes. If you need a constant reminder to work toward your ideal weight or shape, hang up motivational pics on mirrors, refrigerator calendar etc. You can even turn your best-looking picture with an inspiring quote into a canvas (check out Royal Canvas, they offer this service).

3. Give yourself micro and macro challenges. You need to inspire yourself to push harder and to stay strong, but don’t over-do it. Only doable, little challenges are good, while too difficult tasks should be avoided. For example, if you’re running 6 miles, challenge yourself to run 0.5 mile more, you’ll enjoy it. When it comes to macro goals, challenge yourself to run, for example, 80 miles a month. On some days you’ll feel like skipping your regular activity, but you won’t do it because of the challenge.

4. Pay per exercise classes at a luxurious fitness studio. What a strange tip, you might say. It is more expensive in the long run, compared to simply joining a gym, but you’ll only miss a class when you really have a good excuse, because skipping will have an actual price attached. In addition, attending these classes means sticking to them for the full 45 minutes. It’s not really cost-effective, but it will get you actually work out.