Weight Loss – Motivation Tips

If you’re reading this article, I’m sure you have tried to diet before. Perhaps you’ve refused the cake at your best friend’s wedding and got rid of the biscuits in the cupboard, but a few weeks into it, you motivation began to flag. Sometimes, you simply become bored by steamed vegetables for lunch day after day or hit a plateau in your weight loss (that happens, too). Just this once cannot hurt, right? After a few slip-ups you probably felt totally physically and emotionally derailed. You know you need to motivate yourself, but you just don’t know how. Well, let’s try to find that out!

Realistic Goals

To maintain your mojo, you need to set more realistic goals for your weight loss success. In fact, you need to do that before cutting a single calorie. People who set impossible (or incredibly difficult) goals, such as losing 20 pounds in a month, are actually setting themselves up to fail. Instead, focus on your general health and opt for creating sensible eating strategies. When it comes to goals, set attainable, smaller benchmarks, such as losing a single dress size; that will give you the confidence you need to continue.

Festina Lente – Hasten Slowly

Weight loss success entails making crucial nutritional and lifestyle changes. No matter how hard you try, that cannot happen overnight. In fact, you will be more likely to keep the weight off if you lose it slowly. If you are starving, you’ll get irritable and your failure rate will be higher. Just keep in mind that optimal weight loss is approximately 1 to 2 pounds weekly and you won’t be frustrated that much.

Diet Buddy

When you swim upstream by yourself, making major lifestyle changes becomes very hard. So, find other people who have similar goals and you both could greatly improve the odds of weight loss success. Where to look for a diet-buddy? I recommend looking for a people at online support groups or local gyms. When you have a support group or buddy to turn to, it can make all the difference for weight loss success.

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