Which Exercises can Help You Lose Weight Faster?

If you are a regular visitor of this blog, you might have understood by now that if you want to lose weight fast, you have no better alternatives than a balanced meal and exercise. And reading our advices from time to time, if you have started exercising regularly, you must have realized that exercise makes you feel great. However, you may not be sure about exactly which types of exercises will help you shed pounds fast because of lack of time is a big hurdle in your exercise regime and you want quick results. Exercise experts are working on this since long and their years of research have brought them to following results which will give you the body you desire in just 10-minute exercise daily.


cardio for weight loss - cyclingIf you are in doubt about what cardio is, understand that cardio is short for cardiovascular exercises. It refers to any exercise that increase the endurance of your cardiovascular or circulatory system that includes your heart, arteries, veins etc. So, any exercise that increases your heartbeat and thus pumps more blood through your circulatory system carrying oxygen and nutrients to each of your cells making them healthy, is cardio. So, it can be brief walking, running, cycling, swimming, etc. The faster you do them, the more calories you will burn. E.g. running at the speed of 5mph will burn your 381 calories, while that at 10mph will burn 762 calories.

cardio for weight loss - running


yoga for weight lossYoga is not an intense exercise and looking at someone doing yoga, you may wonder if it can burn calories. But just think, have you seen a person who practices yoga and is overweight or obese? Your answer should be ‘No’! Why so? This is because yoga firstly makes your body extremely flexible. When you start yoga, you may not be able to touch your toes with your fingers; but after some days you can do that. This increases your confidence. Secondly, with the increased confidence, you feel calm and composed because of which you can control your mind and its cravings well. When you can control your cravings, you naturally eat less and eventually lose weight.


Weight Training

weight training for weight lossPenn State researchers studied three groups, one of no exercise, second of aerobic exercises alone and third aerobic exercises plus weight training, and found that all lost 21 pounds, but the third groups lost 6 pounds more. It is proved that lifters lose almost pure fat, while others lose fat plus muscles. It has also been proved that dieters who don’t lift, achieve 75% of their weight loss from fat while 25% from muscles and also are likely to gain the flab again, whereas lifters can protect their valuable muscles and burn more fat.


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